Main Lobby

The main lobby of Red Rose Convention Centre very effectively combines elements of exquisite luxury and ornate design with versatility and functionality. In keeping with our overall ideology, every aspect of our lobby, from its marbled floor to the high sculpted and chandeliered ceiling, cozy fireplaces and the magnificent, custom designed faux waterfall fountain flanked by the twin entrances to the Grand Ballrooms, is designed to convey class and elegance. Here are just a few of the aspects that differentiate us from the rest.

Versatile Configurations

The symmetrical design of our lobby makes it extremely versatile. Should the scheduling of events require the Grand Ballroom to be sectioned into two halves to support two separate events, the lobby also can be sectioned into two identical wings, each side completely self-contained and able to support each event with its own set of the components discussed below.

Event Information Systems

Flanking each of the entrances to the Grand Ballroom are two 50" plasma monitors that can be used for a variety of purposes as required by the event being hosted. They can display anything from the proceedings inside the event itself or for welcome messages, seating information, location mappings for trade shows, special announcements and anything else your event may require.

Bridal Suites / Event Offices

Each wing of the lobby has its own furnished suite with en-suite washroom, which can be utilized as required by the event for a variety of purposes ranging from Bridal Suites to Event Co-ordination Offices.